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Assorted Tea Pack

Assorted Tea Pack

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3 loose leaves bag packs: black tea, thai tea, and jasmine green tea bags. Great to make boba tea or served by itself! 

(12 servings)

These loose-leaf tea bags are used to make boba tea since they are very dense in flavor.

4 tea bags in each pack


- 1 (4 oz) Black Tea, tea bags (4ct)

-  1 (4 oz) Thai Tea, tea bags (4ct)

- 1 (4 oz) Jasmine Green Tea, tea bags (4ct)


Thai Tea Bags ingredients: TEA LEAVES, FD&C YELLOW #6

Classic Milk Tea Black Tea Bags ingredients: BLACK TEA

Jasmine Green Tea Bags ingredients: JASMINE GREEN TEA, JASMINE FLAVOR